Discovery Time

Within Early Years, most of our afternoon sessions are dedicated to Discovery Time. Discovery time is driven by exciting themes that engage young children, their interests and imaginations, for example dinosaurs, Sportacus and Zany Zoo Keeper. Discovery time is driven by a key question or challenge that all the children must engage with, for example ‘How can we help the giant?’ It is then up to children and their peers to decide how to answer the question. Every area of learning is available, for example role play, sand and water and the craft table (just like children’s pre-school provision). Children can free flow between all the Early Years classrooms including the outdoor classroom. Children’s play and learning are extended by all the adults in the setting and observations are made and recorded into Learning Journeys. At the end of the session, children return to their classes to review and share their learning. Discovery is a key time where we help children develop their Building Learning Power muscles (Our Learning Heroes). Adults support children’s development in resilience, problem solving, working together and reflecting and improving learning.