Lunchtimes are an important part of the school day.  Our aim is for every child and member of staff to have an enjoyable lunchtime that is safe and happy.  Activities and small equipment are organised and supervised by our midday supervisory assistants.  Children are encouraged to play together, exercise or spend time in the quiet area.  Your child has the opportunity to have lunch at school or go home.

Hot Dinners

From September 2014, all Infant aged children are entitled to a free school meal, this was a government decision after a recommendation in the School Food Plan.

At Meredith Infant School, like most schools in Portsmouth, we use ISS to provide our school meal service. Cooked meals, including a vegetarian option, are prepared at a local school and delivered to our servery. Children are offered a choice of main courses and desserts.  Salads and fruit are always available. Hot meals are eaten in the school hall.  If your child has any particular dietary requirements please inform the school office.

View the latest dinner menu here: Autumn Winter 2019-20

Packed lunches

If your child prefers packed lunches that is absolutely fine.  Packed lunches need to be provided in a named lunch box. Drinks should be in an unbreakable container or carton. We ask that no nut products or peanut butter is included as some children have severe allergic reactions. The children eat their packed lunch with their friends in a classroom in their year group.

We do have a packed lunch food policy and ask you to plan your child's packed lunch to ensure each food group is being provided, avoiding too much sugar. The policy will support you in providing this.

View  Our Packed Lunch Box School Policy here

For further information about providing healthy choices for your child please select the links below:

Healthier Lunchbox Leaflet