At Meredith


At Meredith Infant School we believe that the ability to read is fundamental to pupils’ development as independent learners.  We also want our children to leave school with a love of books and reading.  We provide a range of activities to help foster a love of reading for example Book Weeks and author visits.

The Learning Environment

There are opportunities for pupils to experience print around them through classroom notices, labels and signs.  All classrooms have organised, well-stocked book areas with fiction and non-fiction titles.  These collections are exchanged frequently and support the creative curriculum. To make it an inviting area we have seating, cushions, story bags and puppets.


At Meredith Infant School we follow the Letters and Sounds document to ensure progression across the school. Alongside this we will use Jolly phonics to ensure a multisensory approach when learning new phonemes. Phonics is taught for a discrete period of 20 minutes daily. Children are taught in class or mixed ability groups. For more information please go to:

Guided Reading

The children enjoy a daily guided reading session at Meredith Infant School. The children are grouped according to their reading ability. Two groups work with an adult each day and the other three groups work independently. Groups not reading with the teacher, or learning support assistant, complete reading or writing activities.

Story time

We believe that reading to children helps to foster a love of reading.  It influences independent reading and tunes children into book language. Teachers read aloud to their class every day. Each year group has chosen 10 favourite books which are kept in a special place in the classroom. These books are read to the children frequently and the children will learn these stories using actions.

Our School Library

All children are entitled to borrow library books from our school library. Each class will have the opportunity to change their library book once a week. A member of staff will always accompany the children to the library to change their book providing the opportunity to teach the children about the library. The books will be collected in at the end of every term. A charge will be made for books that have been lost and the office has a copy of the letter that we send to parents.

We will also use the library to support the teaching of our topics and encourage child to find books in the library related to our learning.