Our Curriculum

Most of our afternoons at Meredith are dedicated to topic learning. Topic learning is driven by exciting themes that engage children, their interests and imaginations, for example dinosaurs, Titanic, Storm the Castle. Within topic learning we cover all the statutory subjects within the National Curriculum 2014 which include; Geography, History, Art and Design, Computing, Design and technology, Science and Music. Children learn key skills and knowledge within topic afternoons, there are lots of opportunities for children to invent, design, be imaginative and create together.  Topic afternoons are also a key time where we help children develop their 'Building Learning Power' muscles (Our Learning Heroes). Teachers plan lessons that support children’s development in resilience, problem solving, working together and reflecting and improving learning.

Parents are asked to come into school at the end of topics to see what their child has achieved.

For a more detailed information about your child's curriculum please click here:

KS1 Long term overview 19-20