At Meredith we use the three stages of the ‘Talk for Writing’ approach to teach writing. At the beginning of each topic we create an imaginative hook to give our children a purpose for writing.

Imitate text

First we learn a text using actions and draw a text map to support with this. This is to help the children internalise the language of the text and build their vocabulary and sentence skills. The children start with communal retelling then move into independent retelling.

  • We have created a set of actions for the key story language that we use with the children across the school
  • To help the children develop an understanding of the text we use different drama techniques and book talk
  • We also use the writing toolkit to magpie words
  • Then we ‘Box up’ the text with the class so the children understand the structure of the text. This allows us to analyse the text and co-construct toolkit of key possible ingredients
  • We use warm up games to develop vocabulary, sentence and text level skills needed for the unit.

Innovate text

  • First we verbally practise changing the text using the structure of the text that we have learnt. Then we draw a new text map to show the changes to the text
  • We use warm up games to develop vocabulary, sentence and text level skills needed for the unit
  • After that we model writing the text through shared writing using the pattern learnt. Then the children write their own version using the new text map and writers toolkit to support them
  • At the end of this stage the Teacher assesses the child’s work and gives feed forward marking in order for the child to make improvements to their work

Invent the text

Finally we set an independent writing task at the end of the unit where the children write this type of text on their own. This will show what the children have learnt and what they can do independently.